Welcome to Bars on Fire CrossFit

 MissionOur goal is to make CrossFit the best part of your day.

Vision – We want to help you establish good habits through fitness and nutrition, while helping you reach your potential in and outside of the box.

Philosophy – Its not about how many members we have in this Martinsville gym, to us its about reaching and helping people. Here at Bars on Fire CrossFit, you will be taught and coached correct technique from L1 Certified, caring and dedicated trainers. They will push you daily outside your comfort zone to create a higher functional level of your fitness. We work to foster a community that supports each other. You will be surrounded by fun, hardworking, positive people. This is a community that offers support and inspiration to help you achieve your goals.

Who should join? – Anyone. No one is to old or out of shape. CrossFit is designed to meet the needs of varied abilities due to scalability of the movements.

Are you ready to set goals and accomplish things you never dreamed you could do? If yes, your journey starts here.

3 2 1 GO……

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Want to get a better feel for it? Try our No Sweat Intro

Try our No Sweat Intro

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