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Jalisa Marie

This is 120 days of CrossFit combined with a Paleo or clean eating diet can do for you. 30lbs. Down!



June 2014 & June 2015. 35 LBS lighter thanks to Acheive Weight Loss & CrossFit! I feel better at 54 than I ever did in my 40’s! Amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!

P.S. Yes, I still eat & I love going to my gym – Bars on Fire CrossFit


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All the changes in my life, body, and spirit are all positive since beginning CrossFit. I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs of unhealthiness. Cholesterol has dropped 45 points in 1 year. I eat better, sleep better, look better and am stronger at 51 than ever before. It’s satisfying and fun working toward things you didn’t ever believe your body could do.

Chris and Angie


Story Coming Soon!

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