About Bars on Fire


Our Goal is to make CrossFit the best part of your day!

Our gym is founded on the three cores written below. These values run our daily business in respect to programming the exercises; coaching good form and helping our athletes get the best overall experience to help change lives. When I first started CrossFit, I remember the excitement of leaving work and I could not wait to get to the gym to join the class. It was an exciting new adventure that I did not realize that I needed. I had become stressed about my daily job activities and leading a sedentary lifestyle. This new challenge opened the door for new excitement, community and taking my fitness level to an all new level. I also realized that while all this was happening inadvertently the stress was slowly disappearing. This was only the beginning of a lifestyle change! To this day I still can’t wait to get to the gym to start the class with that great community feeling!

Here are our Core Values that we practice daily


We have put much thought and practice into our overall CrossFit program and from the very beginning you will be taught proper technique and good form. We will help you achieve a high level of fitness throughout your journey whether you are doing Olympic weight lifting or you are trying to accomplish your first pull up. Our coaches are expected to follow up with you and ensure that you are getting the most out of the program. We are diligent at continuing our education in nutrition, mobility, gymnastics and weightlifting to provide you with the best value in training.


Our gym is like a family, most classes are 6 to 10 people that are fun, energetic and ready to make a difference in their lives. All ages have communality across the gym and connect on a daily basis. Working out together helps you get through the tough workouts when you may have quit too early in a traditional gym. The last one finishing the workout always gets the most cheer. We encourage you to come and join our small family.


It is our goal to help motivate and challenge you on a daily basis. We intend to put you slightly out of your comfort zone each day to improve not only your fitness but prepare you for anything in life. We will instill diligence and accountability in you from the very beginning to ensure that you get the best results possible. We will follow up with you often to make sure you hold yourself accountable. After all, you are responsible for the changes in life but we will do everything possible to provide the tools necessary to make those changes.